Reseller Terms & Conditions

In this part, we want to let you know that if any reseller takes Guest Posts from us, you must clear your due payment within the payment deadline. If anyone doesn't pay within the payment deadline, their posts link will be removed and re-publish when they pay for their targeted due links.

Why were your post links removed?

Special note for resellers that they'll get 3 days to clear their payment if any reseller got due invoice after live links. If they're unable to make payment, their posts will delete automatically once the payment deadline is over. That means your posts were removed just because of an unpaid issue for that posts. This rule must be applied to all the customers. It's a strict rule for any individual.

Why should you need to follow the site list?

One more thing that needs to be considered is always looking into our site list to get a price idea about all our sites before sending articles. Because the price is not negotiable and our prices are the cheap and lowest according to market value. Also, some sites' prices will increase and decrease in the case of admin decisions. That's why you should keep your eyes on the site's list. Hope this special note will keep you free from any issue with us.

Pre-Payment Process

If you send a single order and the amount is estimated at under 30-50 USD, the Pre-Payment won't be applied. Still, if you send bulk or single orders and their amount is over 100 USD or more than 100 USD, you have to pay pre-payment, and after that, we'll share live links as early as possible. As mentioned earlier, you must follow up on our site's list to be updated with current site rates.

Link Insert/Niche-Edit Removal Request

If you take posts from our sites and get live links, after a few months, if you saw extra unknown backlinks on the post, you can't request us to remove that link from that post. Because we allow niche-edit on our existing articles, if you want to avoid niche-edit/link insertion from your post, you should mention it when you send the article to us, and you have to pay an extra charge. The charge will be fixed after discussion according to your backlink with us.